About Bible Club

Who We Are

We are part of Glorious Christian Children Ministry International

  • We Teach Children Bible Online from the comfort of their homes
  • Organise Bible Quiz, Easter, Summer and Christmas Events for our Children
  • Host online and offline intentional parenting workshops, seminars, hangouts and conferences
  • Present weekly 3mins Reflective Talks with Parents Online
  • Invite Speakers to speak at our Chatshow

Our Free Online Bible Club

Our weekly Online Bible Club is not location limited; it is an international programme ! Children can connect to our classes from all over the world in the comfort of their home in as much as they have access to the internet.

Note: You do not need to pay for our online Bible Club, it is free for all christian children worldwide.

Our class requirements:

  • Device: Anyone of these -Laptop , Deskstop, Ipad And Phone
  • Bible
  • Pen
  • Jotter
  • Class Venue — Online (Zoom App)
  • Class Date — Saturdays
  • Class Time — (Kids & Pre-Teens 7PM) & (Teens 8PM)

We have our classes every Friday and Saturday ( UK Time ):


  • Evenings 7pm (Any age group)


  • Early (Any Age group) - 12pm
  • Kids – 7pm
  • Pre Teens – 7pm
  • Teens – 8pm

( UK time )

You will need to register your kids to be able to connect them to our Programme. Register here

  • To keep Christian Children focus on God and godly things in this busy, destructive, perverse and wicked world

  • To ensure the word of God supersede other information our children absorb daily through our Weekly Online Classes and assignments

  • To equip our Parents with necessary information that will enhance /aid their Parenting journey

  • To assist/support parents in other relevant children related goals.

Aim / Objectives